Bitconnect: Peer-to-peer bitcoin community

Peer-to-Peer bitcoin community where all members interact directly with each other, enabling buy, sell or lend operations initiated by community members are from their personal bitcoin accounts. Bitconnect was not formed to be a company nor financial institution but to function as a collective. Our mission is to make Bitcoin the main payment system in use by the world.

Calculate your earning on bitcoin lending

You can calculate expected return on an asset by Bitconnect interest calculator, uses previous 7 and 30 days average to calculate return on your investment.

The interest rate on your investment will be calculated by our Bitconnect price volatility software and accrued daily on your personal bitconnect account. The interest rate in calculator represents the average interest gain for last 30 day and 7 day. The average interest rate may changes over time, calculating daily closing rate of interest calculated by software.

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Earn by investing in bitcoin lending

Bitconnect members can potentially earn byBitcoin investment through lending their bitcoins to Bitconnect pooled fund where bitconnect trading Bot do its work so you can rest easy and let your bitcoin investment do the heavy lifting. Using our specialized bitcoin volatility software. we can help you to earn a substantial return on your investment, where we distribute earning among lenders. The interest rate on lending will be calculated by our bitcoin price volatility software and accrued daily.

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Be a part of the fastest-growing bitcoin community

The bitcoin community is growing every day, and we strive to make bitcoin world more open and connected. Our mission is to provide platform that enable the market to self-regulate using user reputation. Bitconnect allows you to establish your reputation and check the credibility of others based on feedback profile.

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