In this competitive world, money has become a parameter or we can say the most essential thing to fulfil our each & every requirement. Do you really think your 9:00-5:00 job gives you that appreciation or satisfaction which you really deserve??? Without any doubt, maximum of the answer is NO. Around 90% to 94% people are not satisfied with what they earn even after working for so many hours. But now no more worries, the advancement in technologies and day-by-day the evolution which is taking place has provided with a solution for this problem & the solution is namely “BIT-COINS”.


Bit coins are basically virtual coins. They are digital coins that are held electronically. Bit coins are never printed like dollars, currency & euros whereas they are produced by people and increasingly businesses, running computers all over the world. They are produced by using software that solves mathematical problems.

How to earn money using bitcoins????

  • Setting up your own bitcoin website to generate an income

By running your own bitcoin faucet you will be paying small amount of bitcoins to your users but will be gaining much more revenue through the ads that you will put on your site.

  • WRITING – create your literature skills as a source of earning

The internet is filled with forums and message boards and this is what create an opportunities. These forums provide a stage where you can tell about some products and services and the companies will pay you for promoting their products on this forums. Some website pays in bitcoins for writing articles and post blogs. Even you can create your own blog and get paid in bitcoins for your posts.

  • GAMBLING—if you are lucky enough you can make some money

In today’s world everyone is familiar with the online casinos. They are much straight-forward. There you can play a game which depends on your luck and some skill based game like poker and if you win it you get a chance to earn money. Isn’t pretty interesting? Bitcoins makes gambling easy and you can earn some huge amount of bitcoins if your score is like a jackpot. But as it comes to gambling, the house which runs that has a very high risk.

  • Lending — loan some bitcoins, earn some interest

Lending is our traditional and one of the oldest method to use money to make money. Basically you provide a loan to a particular party and then they pay you back the money with an interest. However the rate of interest depends on the risk involved in it. Higher the risk more will be the rate of interest.

  • Mini earnings—a bit of your time a bit of cash

There are wide range of websites which pays money for completing some task provided by them. Most of the websites earn money when people view their ads and interact with it. Even a single click on an ad or a video is a way of earning money and promotion.

  • Most of the national governments take a fairly dim view of you producing your own money. With bit-coin , however it is encouraged. You can certainly buy bitcoins on an open market.

The major advantage of bitcoins is that since the transaction process of bitcoins doesn’t require any bank procedural to be followed hence transfer of bitcoins are very much cost efficient.

  • Bitcoin mining— mine your own wealth

Bitcoin mining is an oldest way to create wealth. You can earn bitcoins by solving complex algorithms that creates blocks that are added to the public ledger. The public ledger is the one which gives the history of all the transactions conducted through bitcoins. If today you want to check the profit which is done by bitcoin mining you can use a bitcoin mining calculator.

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