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Notewala is a platform for business opprotunities

Everyone wants to make some extra from their customary 9 – 5 Jobs. Numerous individuals are hunting down for genuine home based online part time jobs without investment on Google on each and every day. The majority of the general population require an optional pay to meet their budgetary needs.So here @ we help people to earn extra income to lead a happy life. Have you ever watched out of the window of your home or office and longed that your life was additionally remunerating and significant? Look yourself with more opportunity for your family and you, additional salary, loads of travel, fun, that is the life you can lead when you join Us. Everybody needs to see you succeed. The main roof is the one that you pick. It’s about cherishing what you do, winning what you need,feeling appreciated and valued, and being rewarded and recognized.We make a situation that sustains you for your prosperity. Register Now to Guide You.

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Notewala features

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Business opportunity to earn money easily

We believe that every person needs 2-3 sources of income to make more money. That is where MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) comes into picture. You can participate with businesses which work on word-to-word marketing. It is a form of multi-level marketing which is actually ignored by 90% of people. Thus, it becomes a good business opportunity.

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Be part of a growing community

Success of any business depends on leads. So we as a multi-level marketing platform provides live lead generation and nurturing training on a weekly basis for most popular marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

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100% Pure profitable products to sell

To help you succeed faster, we invest a lot of time and energy in finding the right products for MLM business. In almost all of the cases, success,of a MLM business heavily depends on the products you choose to sell. That is where our expertise comes in. So you can focus on just selling part.

The basics of Notewala

Attraction marketing to make multi-level marketing work

Attraction marketing is a part of “Like Attracts Like” marketing wherein you attract what you are. If you want to win your prospects, you have to play with their psychology. You as a multi-level marketer have to create an image that they find you very successful. If it happens they will want to do business with you.

Why multi-level marketing works?

In MLM (multi-level marketing) industry, attraction marketing does the magic. It works on a very simple concept of “Like attracts like”. That means if you want more leads and sales, you will have to show off your MLM success.Particularly, how you have grown your MLM business from zero to a measurable value.

It is like becoming an authority in your respective niche. Once they find you successful, they will start following you. In a very simple term, you have to show your followers an achievable dream.

That means you have to show your followers:

  • With an achievable dream. So they feel motivated to get into MLM industry.

  • Provide them with the right knowledge in terms of how and what to sell.

  • Help your followers in lead generation process and closing the sale.

The idea is simple- Once they find you trust-worthy with right domain knowledge, they will start following your words. That is simple how multi-level marketing works.

The top earner profit strategy

If you want to be rich, you have to focus on MSI (multiple source of income). If you will just look at any successful businessman, he has more than 2-3 source of income. It is like not having all of your eggs in one basket. In MLM industry, you can relate to this strategy with having multi products rather than relying on single product.

Almost top MLM earners follow this.

Product revenue

MLM marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. To make huge money using affiliate marketing, you have to sell products. So that you can keep 100% of revenue generated. Now, there are two ways to sell products- 1.) You create your own products, and 2.) You join top selling products as an affiliate and start selling it.

Both ways are good.

With first way, you will have to invest a lot of time, money and energy in creating products from scratch. You may also need technical knowledge to work it out smoothly. So for a beginner, it becomes a costly and tedious process.

In second way, you promote others’ hot-selling products as MLM marketer. That means you can start making money from the very next day, technically. You just have to let go a very small amount as transaction and company which owns this product. For any person who is new to MLM industry, it becomes an easier way to get into it.


Continuity revenue

It is all about generating recurring income. If you want to see the power of MLM business, focus on products which make you monthly recurring income. That way you will have to invest your time and energy during initial time only.


High-ticket revenue

It may need some experience. Because you will have to sell products with very high-price tag. The beauty is that you can make very good commission per transaction. It also reduces your efforts. Because you don’t need to find hundreds of products to sell hundreds of times. If you are making 4-5 sales per month, you will be making huge money to start with.

If you will check the track record of all top MLM earners, you will find that they focus on only high-ticket revenue products other than recurring money.

Business opportunity in multi-level marketing industry

As it is very much similar to affiliate marketing, MLM industry is full of opportunities. Almost every product needs word-of-mouth marketing. It makes MLM business attraction to everyone.

So what NoteWala does?

NOteWala is MLM platform which help you find hot-selling products to start with. Not only do we help you find potential products, but provide lead generation & sales training. So you easily find your prospects to grow.

But we don’t guarantee that you are going to make money. Because it all depends on your  efforts. We just help you in getting the right direction at the right time.

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Notewala is a platform for business opportunities. We never guarantee that you will earn so much income. We bring you business opportunities to make more money faster and easier. Still it depends on your will make most out of it. It may vary from person to person, and from business to business.

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